How can I find content to write about?

    Posted on January 23, 2009


    If you’ve realised that you need to write content for your website in order to help your natural search rankings, and you’ve managed to set aside some time each day for yourself, you now have to work out what to write about.

    There’s nothing more daunting that staring at a blank page, a page that is just waiting for your input, for your thoughts and ideas. What do you write about?

    More importantly, how do you find something to write about quickly so that you don’t find all of your valuable time that you’d saved for writing disappears while you stare blankly at a white page?

    Simple, first of all decide what your website is about. Decide what sort of things people would be looking for to find your website. Then make a list of these things. For example, if your website offers top end cars for lease or days out, you should make a list of the best car models and makes that you offer.

    Then, visit Google (you know the website, big search box in the middle) and enter one of your terms. If we continue with our example, you could enter ‘Aston Martin’. Then, click on the ‘News’ tab at the top of the page, will show you a list of news items for your search. You’ll probably see stuff about Aston Martin business news, share price, new models and stories about celebrities who have bought them, often involving footballers.

    Any one of these stories can be rewritten (not copied, if you copy it, Google will know and will ban you) and then used for your site.

    You can repeat this procedure with your other key phrases as well.

    If you’d like to streamline the process a bit, why not subscribe to Google Alerts at the bottom of the page? This way you’ll get emails as often as you want them with news headlines relating to your keywords. The ideas for content come to you!

    You should never sit staring at a blank screen ever again.

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