Hillywood crosses line from fandom to famedom

Hillywood crosses line from fandom to famedom

Every so often, you come across something on the net that makes you think, ‘How did I manage not to notice this?’ For me, uncovering the Hillywood Show’s Harry Potter Friday parody was just such an experience.

The Hillywood Show, created by sisters Hilly and Hannah Hindy, is a YouTube phenomenon. Their parody, made with donations from the online show’s fans, is… funny. Ish. The other parodies are equally mid-level amusing. The level of writing and acting for most of the Hillywood Show episodes isn’t going to knock the world off its feet. The really impressive thing is when you do a Google search for ‘Hillywood Show.’

Google knows these girls, and knows them well – no ‘did you mean Hollywood Show’ suggestions for them. The Hillywood creators have managed to snag the entire first page of results for their keyword, and a significant proportion of the second, third and fourth pages as well.

Only part of this astounding success is attributable to on-page SEO techniques. While there’s a certain amount of savvy shown on their site, most of the hard work seems to have gone into their off-site activities. The Hillywood team has cornered all possible profiles, and snagged valuable space on internet-credible sites such as MTV.

The lesson to be learned from this is that extensive efforts to establish your presence around the net can really pay off. Most companies dream of controlling swathes of results for their keywords. The Hindy sisters show that it is possible, whether you’re in Liverpool or in Hillywood.

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