High price paid for flawed soda bottle

High price paid for flawed soda bottle

A soda water bottle featuring a mis-spelling has been sold on eBay for $866 by a resident of Fernie in Canada. The bottle has three errors on it, a variation from the other bottles which are highly sought after collectors items. The bottle originates from the Slocan Bottling Works of Kaslo, dating back to 1896 and is designed in the Hutchison style, with a spring loaded top.

The bottle should be embossed with “CHAPPELL & KAPPS/ KASLO BC but instead reads “CHOPPELL & KOPPS/ CASLO BC. There are other bottles to be found with the same spelling errors, but this bottle is aqua in colour and has “16” embossed underneath, whereas the other bottles are in clear glass and don’t have anything on the bottom. The bottle has the original stopper and is in relatively good condition. Four of the 12 bids were for amounts over $500, and the eventual buyer was from Canada.

Unusually, there are no bottles to be found with the correct spelling of CHAPPELL, although several bottles have been discovered. Charles Kapps is thought to have been born in 1866 in Germany, then moving to Canada in 1893. He is believed to have opened the bottling works in 1894. Kapps died in 1958, at the age of 92, buried in Spokane.

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