Hello Ruby

Hello Ruby

I’ve previously mentioned how the BBC is launching an initiative to get schools teaching programming to teenagers. With apps and web services becoming increasingly important, this is a great way to support future development of technologies.

A teacher named Linda Liukas has come up with a pioneering new idea. She plans to write children’s books to help teach them the basics concepts of programming. She has already co-founded a non-profit called “Rail Girls” which aims to provide tools and a community for women to understand technology, and to build their ideas.

Introducing these themes and ideas at a young age is a great way to prepare the younger generation for the technology rich future ahead. Liukas’ Kickstarter campaign had an original goal of $10,000, but this has been far surpassed, and at the time of publishing, her total stands at $297,563, proving that this is an idea with a lot of backers.

The evolution of web technology and programming is no longer the domain of software engineers and the developers. It is fast becoming a place where innovation comes from all directions, so getting children to understand the fundamental concepts of programming is important in maintaining the future of web and technology development.

Check out her Kickstarter campaign which ends on Saturday Feb 22 and has already exceeded the target amount. This is great news as it shows that teaching the younger generation the importance of technology, programming and innovation is something the world at large is willing to support.

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