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    With the growing importance of establishing a business online as well as in the real world, many companies find that, sooner or later, they need professionals to create a suitable site for them. At Engage Web, we provide professional quality web design in the Greater Manchester area. Some companies may not be aware that just creating a site is not enough to ensure that it receives the visitors needed for success. Similarly, some businesses may have had what seemed like perfectly adequate sites provided by other firms – and then wondered why their websites failed to bring in any new customers. We understand that just building a website is only the beginning of achieving business goals online and, in fact, a host of different techniques are often needed to propel that website up the search rankings, where it will be spotted by potential visitors. That is why we offer not only web design, but also a range of SEO and social media strategies that will bring businesses the online results they need.

    Locals know the region

    When thinking about web design in the Greater Manchester region, businesses should give serious consideration to the benefits of using a local firm. A company based in the area will have insights into doing business in and around Greater Manchester that a firm based further away would probably lack. It can also be more convenient to discuss the finer points of website creation and internet marketing with a company that is located in the same area.

    Perhaps the most critical part of a website is its basic structure, and the navigation from one page to another, as this has a logical progression and flow in order to allow users to find their way around the site. Once this has been set in place, it is extremely important to make sure that a website has a pleasing appearance. It is not always recognised just how vital the aesthetic appeal of a website is but, in trials, users tend to report that things which appear attractive are easier to use than those that look unpleasant. It is thought that people relax when confronted with something visually uplifting, and that they are more willing to engage with it and overcome any challenges. When looking for web design in Greater Manchester, businesses should make sure that the company they hire can produce sites that look fantastic as well as working efficiently.

    Professionals can provide a responsive design

    Here at Engage Web, we carry out what is called responsive web design in Greater Manchester. This type of design is essential these days due to the number of different ways of accessing the internet on a variety of viewing platforms. As well as crafting sites that look marvellous and work well, we apply responsive design to the mix because it enables a website to alter the way it is displayed in response to the user’s viewing device. Page layouts, image sizes and screen resolutions can all change to accommodate the viewer’s machine, with the result that the best possible display is always achieved. For top notch web design and a comprehensive plan that will help as many people as possible to find your site, call us now.

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