Great content has opinion

Great content has opinion

What makes great content for your blog?

Is it the constant use of your company’s keywords? Is it the sales tone of your content that ‘bigs up’ your company? Is it the regurgitation of information that your SEO company has suggested that you write?

Of course not; why would anyone want to read any of this?

Great content is about opinions. Nobody wants to read marketing waffle, keyword rich waffle or just general waffle about your company. Web copywriting is just like any other form of copywriting. You need to make your content interesting for people to want to read it. If your content isn’t interesting, but is instead full of keywords for search engines to read, they’re all that will read it.

Yes, SEO is important and using keywords in your articles is equally important – but it’s not WHAT you write, it’s HOW you write it.

For example, Jeremy Clarkson isn’t a popular TV presenter and column writer because he talks about cars objectively, reviewing the makes and models and offering comment on their practical usage. He’s popular because he’s opinionated. Whether people agree or disagree with that opinion is irrelevant, they still watch and read him because they know he will have something to say.

Use the same principal on your website when writing your web copy. Write something meaningful, opinionated and, where possible, humorous. If you’re interesting, people will be interested in reading your work.

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