Google’s Year in Search: what’s been popular in 2021?

Google’s Year in Search: what’s been popular in 2021?

Google has recently updated its Year in Search section of the Google Trends tool, which gives an oversight of what has been trending in 2021.

This section of Google Trends is updated every year, and it can be useful for your business in many different ways, including allowing you to see what topics have been trending during the year, the people who have inspired us in 2021, and what moments have captured the world’s attention.

With the 2021 update, Google has also released a timeline of trending events that have been most popular over the past year. You can see the full timeline of popular events here.

Google has also released a video as a summary of the past year, with a huge focus on how many of the searches in 2021 are focused on the topic of healing and wellbeing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can see the yearly video review for this year below:

The overall top UK searches for 2021 by category have been:

– Song Lyrics – Poker Face by Lady Gaga
– News – Covid vaccine
– People – Christian Eriksen
– TV – Squid Game
– Film – Dune
– Definitions – Impeachment meaning
– Sport – Euros
– Questions – Is Facebook down?
– People who have passed this year – Prince Philip

You can explore the ‘Year in Search’ section of Google Trends here to find out more about the topics that have been trending over the past year.

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