Google’s SEO results full of Seo results

Google’s SEO results full of Seo results

No we haven’t gone mad, at least not yet. What we’re talking about are Google’s SERPs (search engine results pages) for Google News searches on the term ‘SEO’. Normally when you search for SEO in Google News you’re confronted with a series of SEO related news posts showing the latest developments in the search engine optimisation industry, however today the results were full of a different type of SEO… namely the Korean name, Seo.

Not just one Seo either, nor two, but three different people called Seo occupied the front page of Google News for a search on SEO.

The first was Seo Jong-ho, who scored a goal in International Hockey for South Korea as the Netherlands were beaten 2-1.

The second Seo was Seo Hee, who is a South Korean ballerina who has been featured on JoongAng Daily. This Seo has apparently been dancing since she was 12.

Seo Hee-kyungThe third and final Seo is Seo Hee-kyung, who is a professional female golfer and has been dubbed by her fans as the ‘Supermodel of the Fairways’.

What does this influx of people called Seo mean for SEO? Well, it means it’s now a darn sight harder to rank for SEO in Google News, unless of course you’re actually writing about one of the many South Korean Seo’s that is.

It’s also bad news for any of the South Korean Seo’s, as if they try to find a domain name for their own name and optimise it for search engines; they’ll find it extremely competitive!

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