Google’s one-letter wonders – March update

Google’s one-letter wonders – March update

About this time last month, we looked at what the top Google suggestion was for every letter of the alphabet. We therefore thought it might be interesting to take another look at these a month on, and consider what this says about the ways the internet and world around us have changed in a matter of weeks.

As such, here are the top results for each letter as of last Thursday afternoon:

• Argos
• BBC News
• Currys
• Daily Mail
• eBay
• Facebook
• Google
• Hotmail
• Ikea
• John Lewis
• Kingsley Coman
• Lottery
• Maps
• Next
• Outlook
• Paul Daniels
• Quidco
• Rightmove
• Santander
• Tesco
• Universal Jobmatch
• Virgin Media
• Weather
• Xbox One
• YouTube
• Zoopla

So, what are the main findings from this list?

No change in 20 places

Well, the first thing to note is that this is a largely unchanged list. It’s no surprise that the mainstays like Facebook, YouTube and BBC News were still clinging on to their letter, but retailers like John Lewis, Ikea and Currys were still top for their respective letters even as Christmas becomes an increasingly distant memory.

Only six positions have changed, two of which were for very topical reasons. We’re still Googling Google too!

Kanye more a Grave Digger than Gold Digger?

Interestingly, in just a month’s time, Kanye West not only lost his spot on top of the Ks, but was nowhere to be seen in the top 10. The likes of shoe retailer Kurt Geiger and Hear’Say singer turned Coronation Street star Kym Marsh have ousted him. In fact, even KFC was deemed more Googleable than Kanye.

Taking the rapper’s crown was French footballer Kingsley Coman, who was relatively unknown until Wednesday night when he scored and assisted goals for Bayern Munich in their UEFA Champions League tie against Juventus. That in itself might not have set internet users’ pulses racing, but for the fact that Coman is on loan to Bayern from Juve, so his contribution helped eliminate his parent club from the competition.

Daniels pulls it out the hat on his last day

The sad passing of magician Paul Daniels moved many people last Thursday, so perhaps it’s little surprise that he was Google’s ‘P’ of the day. We’ve all got to go one day, and perhaps there’s a quiet satisfaction in knocking PayPal off its perch in doing so.

Other changes included:

– Lottery replacing Lloyds (perhaps summing up our attitude to finances, the weekend’s rollover jackpot of £23.4m edged out the high street bank)
– Santander replacing Sainsbury’s (Santander immediately fills in the banking deficit on our list)
– Virgin Media replaces Very (perhaps after announcing a number of fairly miserable-sounding changes earlier in the week)
– Xbox One replaces X Factor (I imagine these two regularly leapfrog one another in vying for the X crown, probably whenever anything interesting happens to do with one or the other)

All in all, these one-letter wonders provide an interesting snapshot of what the internet is talking about on a month-to-month, week-to-week or even day-to-day basis. I’ll come back to this periodically and see how the A to Z of Google suggestions is taking shape.

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