Google’s crawl stats report to show more results

Google’s crawl stats report to show more results

Google recently published an update on its report for crawl stats, revealing that the report has now increased its coverage to include additional crawl types.

The crawl stats report was first released in November last year. The report, in essence, shows people stats about the search engine’s crawling history on their websites. Following the update, if you now go to view your crawl stats report, a pop-up box will appear informing you of an event in Google Search that may affect the data of your site. Regarding this event, Google says the following:

“The crawl stats report has increased its reporting coverage for additional types of crawls. As a result, you may see a jump in the number of crawls reported for your site. This does not reflect additional crawling of your site, only improved reporting.”

Google did not provide further information on the types of crawls that it is now reporting on, and it is unclear what exactly they are. Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz has speculated that it may report to different types of Googlebot, such as Adbot and Imagebot, but this can’t be said for certain.

Those who use Google Analytics to track website data should, therefore, not be concerned if crawl rates for their websites appear to jump up. This doesn’t mean the website is being crawled more by Google – just that the search giant is feeding back on more of the different types of crawls that have taken place on it.

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