Google X home of bizarre inventions

Google X home of bizarre inventions

The existence of a secret Google laboratory has been confirmed by a Google spokesperson. The location of the lab, named Googleplex, is reported to be Mountain View, California. Not all Google employees are aware of the secret lab, whose description is given as ‘Google X’, although the more adventurous of the search engine giant’s employees are given 20 percent of their time to dedicate to new ideas.

According to the spokesman, Research & Development has always been an integral feature of the company, although the sums involved are only a fraction of the investment into its core operation. Engineers at Google have reportedly worked on ideas which seem incomprehensible, like an elevator into space. Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google has a deep interest in the lab.

Apparently, technical companies that have a ‘secret’ area where ideas are worked on, isn’t that unusual. For instance, Jonathan Ive’s lab at Apple is used to perfect the latest devices, like iPads, but it isn’t a common area for all employees. Some of the Google employees are working on ideas which seem far fetched. They are working on the concept of home working, by using robots with screens instead of faces. Although this may seem impossible, Google does have self driving cars, which have travelled over 100,000 miles.

As Google employees strive to make the impossible possible, this can make a number of SEO jobs appear much more complex, as the search engine optimisation strategy has to constantly improve. Google innovation is an important feature in any business, whether in California or Cheshire, when it impacts on SEO.

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