Google works with Reader to boost social network

Google works with Reader to boost social network

In an attempt to boost Google+, the company is removing some of the regular features of Reader. This means that any user who wants to share a feature on a website or blog, will have to use tools from Google+ in order to do so.

The company revealed the news in a blog article which announced that the ability to share an article through its RSS news reader would be removed. Over the coming days, Reader will be given a new image. Google has transformed many of its services, making their services increasingly user friendly to maintain their market share of the search engines.

According to Alan Green, the software engineer for Google who wrote the blog post, the changes to Reader will be made during the coming week. Initially, Reader will have an image makeover before being brought “closer together” with Google+. According to Alan Green, some users may not be happy with the changes, deciding to switch. However, Google has worked on improving the tools for exporting, making it easier to take existing feeds. Mr Green said:

“Your data belongs to you, after all, and we want to make sure you can take it with you.”

Six possible alternatives to Reader have been provided by ExtremeTech, which includes Feedly, FeedDemon and NetVibes. Google has been working hard to give all its services a new improved image, which includes an overhaul of Gmail.

Whether you are in Ellesmere Port or LA, users are noticing the changes to Google services and the improved user experience. Staying ahead of all the changes is crucial to ensure a company’s SEO campaign remains competitive.

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