Google website update gives more transparency on search

Google website update gives more transparency on search

Google’s ‘How Search Works’ website has been redesigned this week due to regulatory powers forcing Google to be more transparent with how results are displayed.

The website’s update comes at a time when the US government has filed its fourth antitrust lawsuit against Google, with regulators claiming that its search business has become a monopoly and Google is keeping details out of the public eye about how results are displayed. This has prompted Google to update the website in order to be more transparent.

Google recently tweeted on its Search Liaison account about the redesign and update of the ‘How Search Works’ website, which was originally created in 2016. The tweet explains that the site is now more user friendly and gives users more information about the mechanics of search.

A second tweet pointed followers in the direction of the site, which includes an almost hour-long video about how search works.

What’s new on the website?

The website now provides more insight into search engine optimisation (SEO) best practices and gives us more information about how Google’s ranking algorithms are changing. The update also sheds light on some of the more recent search updates, such as the Core Web Vitals update introduced back in May this year.

The website update also brings a more straightforward navigation to the site so that visitors can find the information they are look for more easily.

The latest Google Search data and statistics

The ‘How Search Works’ website by Google is also a great way to find out the latest data on Google’s tests, as it is updated every year in order to make sure the website is in tune with the latest Google search statistics.

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