Google used by new parents to choose baby’s name

Google used by new parents to choose baby’s name

Google has become an important tool for new parents who are looking for a unique name for their baby. The trend to ‘Google’ a baby’s name is increasing around the world, with parents searching for a name that doesn’t have undesirable search results.

Another popular method of choosing a baby’s name is to see which name appears at the top of the search results, indicating its unique nature. During an interview with The New York Times, the author of ‘The Baby Name Wizard’, Laura Wattenberg said that a desire to be unique in the online world has led to ‘unspoken competition’ among parents who are searching for an original name for their child. Laura said:

“Parents thinking of a baby name will type it in and say: ‘Oh, no, it’s taken. There are already three others with that name.’”

One couple from the United States typed a potential name for their child into Google. The name ‘Kalia’ brought up results in the search engine of strippers, including pictures. The parents immediately changed the spelling to ‘Kaleya’ in order for it to be unique and not associated with another identity. Speaking to the New York Times, they said:

“I didn’t want there to be a Google identity for her to wrestle with.”

According to a US website for parents, LilSugar, 64 percent of new parents searched Google before finally deciding their baby’s name.

Google is an integral part of everyday life, serving many purposes. This is why a business has to focus on the search engine giant when creating a search engine optimisation strategy, whether the business is in Liverpool or LA.

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