Google updates Search Console to allow temporary removals from search results

Posted on January 31, 2020


Search giant Google is in the process of updating its Removals report within its Search Console, giving users the ability to take their sites out of the search results for a short time.

This updated version of the report will include SafeSearch filtering requests, data relating to outdated content and info on pages reported through other Google tools.

As a result of the update, site owners will now be able to temporarily remove specific pages from the search results. This may be useful should admins need to remove content from Google quickly. However, it is important to remember that pages temporarily removed from Google will still be able to be found in a different search engine.

It is not recommended that this tool is used for those looking to remove content for a matter of days or weeks, as a successful removal request will see the page removed for around six months. It has been designed to give owners of a site enough time to find a permanent solution to an issue.

As well as this, site owners will also be able to perform a clear cache URL request through the removals tool. This request will clear a cached page and wipe the description snippet from the search engines until the page is re-crawled.

Any requests made through the Remove Outdated Content tool are now able to be tracked using the new outdated content section of Search Console. This tool is public, meaning that it is not limited to site owners. Anyone can use this to update results pages showing information that’s no longer included on a page.

In terms of the SafeSearch filter, should a page on a site be reported as adult content, the SafeSearch Filtering section of the tool will now show a history of these reports. All URLs that have been reported to Google this way will be reviewed and given a tag to highlight adult content if the reviewer believes it should be filtered from SafeSearch results.

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