Google turns to crime fighting

Google turns to crime fighting

Google is recognised as having the most powerful search engine in the world and it now intends to use its technology to fight international crime. International organisations will work with Google to locate “back doors” into human traffickers, drug dealing and terrorists all over the world.

A collaboration between Google Ideas and the Council on Foreign Relations, in addition to other international organisations will address the possibility of Google technology being used to disarm international crime. International crime gangs which include the trafficking of drugs and humans and terrorism are believed to use the internet to manage their organisations. Encryption is frequently used to keep them safe from the law. Organisations which are fighting crime world wide have approached Google in the hope that its technology could be the answer.

Google officials and members of international crime fighting groups will meet in California to discuss possible strategies to fight crime world wide. Rani Hong is a survivor of child trafficking which took place in India and is now an advisor for the United Nations. Hong said:

“Google is in a great position to take these on. They’re a powerful medium and they have great tools to solve this problem.”

Although criminals use the Internet, it is also possible for international crime fighting agencies to use the net to help increase transparency among the illegal networks and crack down on crime. Google’s search engine is an integral feature of any businesses search engine optimisation campaign, with some SEO jobs made more complex by the development of new technology.

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