Google tops list of best companies in US to work for

Google tops list of best companies in US to work for

Google has been voted top of the Fortune list of best companies to work for in America. This accomplishment has been linked to the generous perks offered by the company, although according to Google insiders, it may also be connected to a toxin free environment.

According to some of the original employees of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin both share a toxin sensitivity and a strong sense of smell. This led them to improving the air quality, with chemical free building materials being used and air quality that is more like a hospital than a typical office building. The article in Fortune mentions the free employer benefits like massages, free food and drinks but doesn’t mention anything about the improved air quality. Anthony Ravitz, who is manager of the “Green Team” for Real Estate and Workplace Services for Google, said:

“We’re really thinking about long-term health effects. How can we extend the life span of our employees by 30 years?”

Google had also been placed at the top of Fortune’s list in 2007. The benefits of working for Google include electric Chevy Volts that can be used free of charge by employees and athletic fields and a park covering 40,000 square feet built in the headquarters of Mountain View, especially for employees.

There’s no doubt that Google is an important and popular search engine, which is why it features so strongly in a businesses search engine optimisation campaign, whether the business is in California or Liverpool in the UK.

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