Google Toolbar PageRank Update

Google Toolbar PageRank Update

It’s that time of the year again when every SEO gets all excited and makes a frantic sweep around their respective websites (then their clients websites soon after) checking for some more green in their toolbar. That’s right, Google has updated PageRank and the web is awash with people asking ‘what did you get?’ as though it were Christmas morning.

Just like Christmas though, some people have been widely disappointed as Father Google has either not given them they wanted, or overlooked them altogether; possibly because they’ve been ‘naughty’ this year and haven’t deserved a PageRank update.

That analogy is sound too, as being naughty and selling links from your website will cause Google to strike you off its Christmas list when the green tidings are handed out.

Some little boys, or websites, have clearly been very good and have got just what they wanted, like Bing.com, which has been spoilt rotten with a PR9.

Remember though, it’s not how green your Toolbar PageRank is, its how much traffic you get, and PR doesn’t mean traffic, it just means you either attracted, or bought, a lot of links.

Happy PR update nevertheless!

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