Google to translate and rank websites in search results

Google to translate and rank websites in search results

Google has announced the release of Translated Results, which is set to affect six different languages.

Translated Results will see the search engine automatically translating and ranking web pages written in an alternative language to that of the searcher. While Google has, in the past, ranked web pages in different languages, it didn’t translate the snippet or title for the searcher. Now, however, titles and snippets will be translated.

The objective of Translated Results is to bridge any gaps in content in a searcher’s native language. If Google determines that the number of suitable pages in a searcher’s mother tongue is lacking, it will choose what it deems to be the “best” content in a different language, translating and ranking it in search results.

If a searcher chooses to select a translated result, when they click through, the entirety of the page will be automatically translated by Google into their language.

In a new help page for Search Central, Google has described how the feature works:

“If the user clicks the translated title link, all further user interaction with the page is through Google Translate, which will automatically translate any links followed. By expanding the result, users can view the original title link and snippet, and access the entire page in the original language.”

In addition, any images embedded or JavaScript present will work within the translated page, according to Google.

At present, Translated Results will only be available for six languages: Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam and Indonesian. However, Google has stated that the feature is “currently” available to these languages only, which may imply it plans to roll it out to further languages in the future.

All websites will be automatically opted in to the new translation feature. If, for any reason, websites wish to opt out, they must use the “notranslate” meta tag to do so.

One of the benefits of this feature is that it will help businesses’ websites get seen by wider audiences that they may not have previously reached, and they will need to ensure their content is high-quality in order to be deemed a good source by Google and reap the benefits of being a translated result. If you need engaging, quality content for your website, we can help here at Engage Web. Get in touch to learn more.

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