Google to spend up to $500m marketing Moto X smartphone, say reports

Google to spend up to $500m marketing Moto X smartphone, say reports

Google is expected to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in marketing its upcoming Moto X smartphone, it has emerged.

Motorola is preparing to unveil its first major smartphone release since being acquired by web giant Google last year. Recent reports have suggested that the company could be allowed to spend upwards of $500 million (£330 million) in running campaigns to promote the device.

Analysts have predicted that one of the device’s biggest selling points will be the levels of customisation it offers. Customers will be able to choose the colour of the device, with options including green, magenta, cyan and scarlet.

According to Motorola, its new smartphone will cost much less than others on the market, including the iPhone.

It is claimed the Moto X device will be able to predict what its owners want to do next. The device will contain sensors that allow it to know whether it is sitting in a trouser pocket or resting on the dashboard of a moving vehicle.

According to some sources, Google has its sights set on the sizable profit margins enjoyed by Apple with its various devices. However, while Apple relies heavily on assembly plants in China, Motorola’s Moto X will be made in the Texas plant that previously manufactured Nokia mobile phones – making it, according to some claims, the only smartphone assembled on US soil.

With its lower asking price and features that predict user decisions, some believe the device could become as popular as its competitors. If it encourages more people to hop onto the smartphone bandwagon, even more businesses with SEO strategies in place will likely consider becoming optimised for mobile devices.

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