Google to invest $1 billion in satellite technology

Google to invest $1 billion in satellite technology

Search giant Google is reportedly in the process of investing in a group of satellites, in order to provide internet connections to the more remote areas in the world.

It is believed that the Californian enterprise has invested a total of $1 billion (£597 million) in this technology, and it will begin its ambitious project by launching approximately 180 small satellites into the atmosphere to orbit the planet at a lower altitude than traditional satellites.

Those who are more familiar with the search firm’s activities have estimated that the project could see more investments, with the total potentially reaching as much as $3 billion; however, this will depend on a number of variables, including the final number of satellites used and the network designs.

Google, better known for its search engine that keeps SEO businesses active, has appointed Greg Wyler – founder of O3b Networks, a communications company backed by the Californian search enterprise – as head of its project, as well as hiring engineers from satellite firm Space Systems.

This is not the company’s first attempt at delivering internet connections from the skies. Last summer, Project Loon was announced – a scheme designed with similar aims of providing internet to parts of the world that remain unconnected, by releasing a flock of high altitude balloons.

In April this year, the internet-based business purchased Titan Aerospace – a US firm that specialises in solar-powered drones – after seeing off competition from social networking site Facebook, which also has plans to improve connectivity across the world.

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