Google to introduce redesigned search tools

Google to introduce redesigned search tools

Search giant Google has announced it will be redesigning its search tools, with a focus on more visual, contextual elements.

The most significant change outlined by the search engine is the introduction of search results that are, as described by the Independent, “visually browsable”. For example, if someone was to make a search for “charcoal drawing ideas”, Google would present them with a series of images at the top of the search results, with no need to go onto the Images tab. This change is being aimed at searchers in need of inspiration, and more contextual information will also be supplied over the next few months.

The increased contextual information will include a section for “Things to know”, which in turn will have a section for “different dimensions people typically search for”. Returning to someone interested in charcoal drawing, if they were searching how to draw with charcoal, for example, a dropdown of results would appear underneath the top result, including tips, a step-by-step guide and more.

In addition to this, the search engine will be providing new “broaden this search” and “refine this search” buttons, so searchers can swiftly find the information they need.

The “About This Result” panel is also set to be expanded. Searchers can access this by clicking the icon of three dots that features to the right of a search result on both mobile and desktop devices. At present, this displays a source description, such as “The Guardian”. However, sites will now be able to describe themselves in their own words to feature in the panel, along with displaying reviews, news and other background context Google believes will be helpful for searchers to evaluate sources of information.

While it is unknown how exactly Google will go about picking results to display in its new dropdown for contextual information, to do this, it will need to have a thorough understanding of the content on a website’s pages. If you need content for your website that’s clear and easy to understand for both potential customers and search engines like Google, we can help here at Engage Web. Get in touch to find out more.

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