Google to expend into Indonesia

Google to expend into Indonesia

Google has recently announced plans to further increase its share of the search engine market, by opening offices in Indonesia by 2012. Google is planning to gain a share of the 40 million Internet users in Indonesia, of a population of 230 million. This acquisition will boost Google’s share of the market in Asia.

Vice president Boediono of Indonesia made the announcement, according to an article on AFP. This announcement followed talks that took place between Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Google and Vice President Boediono in Jakarta, which is where the offices will be. According to a study carried out by Yahoo! Indonesia has the largest online market with the fastest growth in South East Asia, which makes it an attractive market.

Indonesia also has 22 million Facebook users, ranking third after the United States and United Kingdom. During a summit in Bali, Schmidt said:

“You already have large Facebook and Twitter communities. You have very high Google use already. There are 50 million small businesses in Indonesia, I had no idea it was that large. Those (small businesses) will be the engine of growth for the future economy.”

Emmanuel Sauquet, the Asia Business Development Director for Google, considers Indonesia the right place for Google to move to because of the fast growing economy. Google is rapidly increasing its market share and improving technology, making it essential that search engine optimisation techniques focus on Google. An effective SEO campaign will focus its attention on Google, as the market leader.

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