Google to enforce ad violations with strike system

Google to enforce ad violations with strike system

Google has announced that it will be introducing a new strike system for advertisers who violate its Google Ads policies.

Coming into force next month, Google will be cracking down on several of its policies, ramping up the enforcement over a three-month period. The ads that will be affected are those that Google deems to be in violation of its ‘Tobacco’, ‘Unapproved substances’, ‘Enabling dishonest behaviour’, ‘Explosives’, ‘Guns, gun parts and related products’ and ‘Other Weapons’ policies.

With the new system, those that advertise using Google Ads and who are found to be in violation of its policies will first receive a warning. If Google then detects the advertiser is continuing to violate its policies, they will receive one strike. Advertisers can amass a total of three strikes, with the penalties for each increasing in line with the number of strikes – for the first strike, an advertiser will receive a three-day account hold, for the second strike, they’ll receive a seven-day account hold, and for the third and final strike, their account will be suspended. Once an account is suspended, no ads can be run or new content created, unless the suspension is appealed successfully.

If an advertiser receives an account hold, they will have to rectify their ad violations and supply a form acknowledging them in order to continue advertising. Once the form has been submitted, they’ll be able to access their account once more after the three or seven-day period is up.

For those advertisers that receive a strike but believe it to have been given in error, there will be the option to appeal the decision. If an appeal is successful, their ads will resume immediately.

In the event that an advertiser takes no action upon receiving a strike, their account will remain temporarily on hold, and unless they win a strike appeal, strikes will remain on advertisers’ accounts for a total of 90 days.

The strike system is set to be implemented on September 21 and will be expanded to cover more policies in time. Each time a new policy is added to the system, advertisers will receive a notification to ensure they’re aware of the changes.

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