Google ties up geolocation tech deal

Google ties up geolocation tech deal

Google has signed a new deal to license technology which will help to localise its banner advertisements.

The search engine signed a deal with MovieConnect, which specialises in interactive advertising, to use their technology which allows the identification of the location of a Web surfer, and incorporates local cinema listings into banner advertisements for movies.

Google’s media advertising wing, DoubleClick, will in turn license the tech and off it to its clients as an advertising feature.
The move further cements the concept of locality as integral to search engine optimisation. Although lots of businesses will offer their services worldwide, some with physical presences such as a shop will want to use their local area as a focus for their SEO. For example, Merseyside could include the Wirral and Ellesmere Port in addition to Liverpool as part of their web optimisation.

CEO of The Aura Group, which owns MovieConnect, David Bailey, said:

“Google DoubleClick serves billions of online ads for the film industry. A partnership between MovieConnect and Google DoubleClick just makes sense; they serve a significant amount of film studio’s online media.”

MovieConnect is able to customise banner advertisements for movies, including those on mobile smartphone applications, online widgets and Facebook applications by automatically recognising the user’s location, and using this to tell them of their nearest cinema showing the movie, and what times it is being screened. The user can then then elect to have these details sent to their mobile device. It can even tweet screening times and post details to a Facebook user feed.

The licencing of the technology by Google will give those in SEO careers a hint just how important localisation will be to web sites in the near future.

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