Google the main player in mobile search

Google the main player in mobile search

Google has dominated the search market for some time, but as new technologies come in the question has to be asked whether Google can stay one step ahead of the game and grab a sizable market share with those technologies before other players develop new platforms.

The mobile platform is one such technology that has been hotly fought over for the last few years, with Microsoft recently launching the Live Search product for mobiles. However, once again Google has shown the competition little mercy in becoming the search engine of choice for mobile users.

A recent report from The Guardian showed that Google has a market share of 97.5% when it comes to mobile search. Much of this success is due to top end mobile phone users, using phones such as the iPhone and Windows Mobile phones.

One reason that Google has such a huge share of the market on mobile searches could be because very computer literate people use their mobiles for search. These are the sort of people who know what they’re looking for and where to find it, which naturally is Google. Less computer literate people, the sort of people who would use Live.com to search for example, tend not to have the Internet on their phone.

If this is the case, as more phones are released with Internet access, people less au fait with the Internet will be using them, thus lesser search engines such as Yahoo! and Microsoft’s Live Search could gain in popularity.

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