Google takes on Goojje for trademark infringement

Google takes on Goojje for trademark infringement

Google just can’t stop kicking it up in China, and now they’re at it again with a Chinese search engine that appears to have copied their logo.

Anyone who’s ever bought bootleg toys such as fake Disney toys, Star Wars or Transformers will know that while the toys themselves may use similar moulds to the originals, the one aspect that is never copied is the logo on the packaging. This is because trademark infringement is a much more serious crime and even bootleg manufacturers don’t want to run the risk of a lawsuit from the likes of Disney, George Lucas or Hasbro.

However, a Chinese search engine seems unaware of the seriousness of copying a logo and has just been issued with a cease and desist order from Google. The search engine Goojje features the following logo, which as you can see bears a startling resemblance to Google’s.

Google announced today that they have asked Goojje to stop using an altered version of their logo. The problem is that China is rife with pirated merchandise as intellectual property rights are hard to police there. Films, CDs and computer games are available as pirated versions all over the country.

If you’d like to see the fake Google logo in person, the website is www.goojje.com – although that now redirects to www.dierqi.com.

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