Google Street View is a real relief!

Google Street View is a real relief!

Anyone who’s used Google Street View before will know just how much fun it can be, and indeed how useful it is. If you’re travelling somewhere and need to find exactly where your destination is and what it looks like, Google Street View will invariably have the answer for you somewhere within its billions of captured images.

Of course, capturing so many shots of the streets of the world rather lends itself to footage that we probably don’t want to, and shouldn’t, see. One such example was found this last week when Google Maps offered users the chance to view the Canary Islands and Hawaii. This link featured at the top of Google Maps, and showed visitors some of the glorious sights of Hawaii, the great beaches, the blue seas, the men urinating up against billboards.


Sadly for Google, this photo escaped their decency algorithm and was spotted by bloggers across the Internet. It has been removed by Google now, but before appearing on countless other websites, including here.

This isn’t the first time that Google has found itself displaying images that it probably shouldn’t, as this recent image from Madrid proves.


In case you’re thinking that this is exclusive to foreign countries, here’s another one taken in Birmingham. This has also now been removed from Google’s Street View, but not before the boy in question became a hit with his friends no doubt!


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