Google Street View images to be updated annually

Google Street View images to be updated annually

There’s good news for those people who have been caught on Google’s Street View images in places they shouldn’t have been (as has happened more than you’d think). Google has revealed that it plans to update the images on an annual basis in order to cope with the changes found in towns in cities.

Now you can expect to have your latest extension to your home, or your new car in your driveway, proudly captured on Google Street View.

The timing of Google announcing this could have been better however as it’s coming under close scrutiny by EU regulators who are investigating privacy concerns with Google photographing the world and putting it online for people to search through.

The Associated Press has published a letter from EU regulators, sent to Google, requesting more info on the way Google uses its Street View images.

Among the things the EU wants Google to do is refresh its images every 6 months (as if that’s going to help with privacy concerns) and to publish adverts in the press to alert people about the presence of its Street View cars and bikes.

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