Google set to move into home entertainment industry

Google set to move into home entertainment industry

Home entertainment is going to be the latest focus by Internet giant Google. The launch of a new system which streams music under the control of Android smartphones is being planned for later in 2012.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, a wireless product which will be launched later in the year will be able to play music on various devices in the home. This is the start of Google’s venture into consumer electronics.

In May 2011, the move into home entertainment was hinted at by Google at the I/O developer conference. Project Tungsten was unveiled at the conference to show how a music system can be controlled by handsets which are Android based. Permission to test the new device, which it dubbed an entertainment device, has been requested from the US Federal Communications Commission.

The move into home entertainment will allow Google to compete with Apple. YouTube videos and music can be played through TV sets using an Apple TV product. Google will also be directing rival products at consumer electronics companies, like Panasonic and Sony.

Joe Britt, the engineering director at Google said:

“A Tungsten device runs the Android OS and the Android at Home software framework. It’s always powered on and always connected to the cloud.”

Google has extended its reach even further into the lives of ordinary people, which is why businesses must integrate the search engine giant into their SEO campaign. Whether a company is in Liverpool, London or the US, Google will feature in the search engine optimisation programme.

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