Google set to buy city-guide firm

Google set to buy city-guide firm

Internet search phenomenon Google has agreed a deal to buy Jetpac, a company that provides personalised city-guides for travellers. The financial aspects of the acquisition have not been disclosed by either party.

The service offered by the social travel firm is a city-guide app, detailing over 6,000 destinations worldwide using networking data such as photographs posted on Instagram and other platforms.

Users of the current Jetpac app are shown a selection of images from these networks, which are complemented by a selection of social groups that the location is commonly associated with; for example, photos of university campuses would associate the area with students.

The company announced the deal on its website, as well as informing users that the Jetpac software will be removed from app stores within the next few days due to the acquisition.

This move, for Google, highlights a growing interest in apps that use artificial intelligence. The company – perhaps more famous for its search engine, which is a key focus point for SEO companies – may be planning to integrate elements of the Jetpac application to its Maps tool, which has recently been altered to list basic information and reviews of searched locations.

Jetpac’s data and software could also prove useful to the internet giant as it looks to enhance more of its other services, including Google+ and personal assistance app Google Now. This is the company’s latest purchase in a long line of acquisitions that expand upon its already diverse portfolio.

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