Google searches get personal

Google searches get personal

Google searches are to become more personalised, as a new feature Search, Plus Your World is launched by the search engine giant. As Google users log in and search for information, more content will be displayed, featuring friend’s posts or items posted on Google+, or even pictures.

According to Amit Singhal, the California-based Google expert who works hard to improve the quality of information retrieval, if you type ‘dogs’ in Google search, you may receive pictures of dogs who belong to friends on Google+, appearing first on the search page. Singhal said:

“At Google, we always want to return the most comprehensive and relevant answers to your questions, and many times those answers are in the open public Web, but many times those answers are in your own personal content. This is the first time we’re bringing personal content right into the results page.”

Google is working hard to remain the biggest search engine in the world, as Microsoft Bing introduced a similar feature on its search pages in 2011. Links, brands, restaurants and other data from Facebook was included in search results.

Google has also launched Profiles in Search, as part of its regular updates to its search engine. The Profiles in Search function uses auto-complete so that while a user is still typing in a query, links to Google+ friends will appear on the page. The new feature will also recommend people to follow on Google+. A number of updates made by Google may make some SEO jobs more difficult, as search results for a business may consequently appear lower in the page rankings. Constant updates are required for an effective SEO campaign.

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