Google says ‘Don’t be Evil’ – but why?

Google says ‘Don’t be Evil’ – but why?

When Google was first formed some 13 years ago they set out with the mandate of ‘Don’t be Evil’, but what exactly did that mean and why has it worked?

Well, if you look at some of the other search engines and the things they’ve done, you might have an indication of why Google’s policy worked. For example, Lycos (remember them?) would offer up its search results filled with adverts, but you could never tell what were the adverts and what were the natural listings. This meant that when you searched on something you could be clicking on a useful informative website, or you could be following an ad for meds… not very helpful.

Hence people stopped using search engines like Lycos.

Google on the other hand wanted to offer up websites that were relevant to the user’s search query, and that’s all. This revolutionary policy meant that people searching on Google often found what they were looking for, with no adverts. Shocking notion, but it meant people would come back and use Google again.

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