Google releases update for Ads Editor

Google releases update for Ads Editor

Search giant Google has recently released an update to its Ads Editor, and this includes the introduction of several new features.

Google announced that Ads Editor 1.2 is now available for use in a blog post last week.

The latest version of the Ads Editor is able to support app campaigns designed specifically for engagement, as well as Discovery campaigns. These use Google’s Discover feed, as well as YouTube’s home feed and the ad panes in the likes of Gmail. Editor will now cater for these campaign types, meaning users can create and edit campaigns through Ads Editor.

A new and useful feature that has been introduced is the ability to share negative keyword lists. If you’ve assembled a broad list of negative keywords you use for all of your campaigns, these can now easily be shared across all accounts by applying them through the Shared Library. This will make it easier to ensure that your ad is not showing up for unwanted keyword searches.

As well as this, users can now search for specific errors across their accounts and campaigns. When an item is highlighted with a specific error, the user can then quickly find all other places where this specific problem is.

The edit pane has been condensed, meaning that all fields with no data contained within them will now be hidden. This has been done to make it easier for the user to find the fields they need without having to scroll passed groups of empty fields. However, should it be needed, the user will have the ability to display these empty fields.

While these changes are only small, users can expect these updates to help save time when it comes to managing their campaigns. It also shows that the beta testing of Discovery campaigns has been going well in the opinion of the company.

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