Google releases new way to advertise product deals

Google releases new way to advertise product deals

To help searchers find deals and discounts on products they’re looking for, search giant Google is offering online retailers a different way to list deals in search results for free.

According to the search engine, people are searching for more ways to save money as of late – so much so, in fact, that Google reports searches for the term “discount code” have doubled over the past year.

As of yesterday, deals are now being highlighted in Google’s Shopping tab. When a person searches for a particular product, the tab will organise and display listings that are either discounted or priced competitively from ecommerce stores across the internet. This will be automatically selected if a retailer has uploaded their deals and promotions within the Google Merchant Center.

To select specific products to display, Google will take into account factors like the popularity of a product and the popularity of the site a product is listed on, in addition to the discount itself.

What’s more, retailers can now customise their deals, for example by offering a 10% discount to someone purchasing from the shop for the first time. These customised deals will be shown to everyone, but only those that fit the criteria outlined by the retailer will be able to take advantage of them.

In addition to this, during big sale events, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a new section titled “Deals from stores” will appear in Google Search when people make a search for terms like “Black Friday deals”.

These new features come as two significant shopping seasons approach – the return to school after the summer holidays and the build-up to Christmas. Currently, these new features are only available to retailers based in the US, but as always, it’s never long before they’re introduced on our side of the pond too.

That more people than ever are searching for discount codes and deals shows the importance of making any sales or discounts you’re running for your business clear and easy to understand for potential customers – as it may be the difference between them choosing to make a purchase or not. If you’d like help getting your products seen on the web, give us a call at Engage Web and we’d be happy to help.

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