Google releases new tool to transfer Analytics goals

Google releases new tool to transfer Analytics goals

Google has announced that it is rolling out a new ‘conversion migration tool’ so that people can move goals from the old Google Analytics to the new GA4 platform.

Last month, Google announced that it would be getting rid of Universal Analytics (UA), which was the default Google Analytics platform until October 2020, when GA4 was released. Everyone who has Google Analytics and wants to continue to monitor their traffic will have to move to the new GA4 platform by July next year – you can read more about this here.*

If you want to make sure that you can continue with year-on-year comparisons, you need to have this set up by June this year so that you have the data available, as you will not be able to transfer your UA data to the new GA4 after this time.

The new goal migration tool will allow you to quickly recreate your goal conversions within the new GA4 platform. Before this new tool was rolled out, setting up goal completions in GA4 was a lot more complicated compared to setting them up in UA.

Setting up goal completions in GA4

If your UA goals are eligible, the tool will create a new ‘Create event’ rule in GA4, which will mark this as a conversion on your website. You should then be able to see any goal completions, whether that’s from your contact form or any other goals you may have set up. Making sure that you have a thank you page set up on your site is essential to enable you to easily monitor contact form submissions.

At Engage Web, we make sure that both our SEO and Fresh Start web design clients have Google Analytics and goal completions set up so that they can easily see how their website is performing. To find out more, have a chat with our friendly team today.

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