Google releases new ad insights

Google releases new ad insights

Search giant Google is releasing some new data to Google Ads users, which will allow them to see any issues uncovered in diagnostic checks.

These diagnostic insights will allow advertisers on Google to determine why campaigns may not be showing, why they may be experiencing low levels of engagement, why people may be struggling to measure the conversions from their ads and other related issues.

The insights will only be available if an ad campaign has not received any conversions or traffic. If a campaign meets these criteria, Google will provide detailed information to advertisers on ad strength, campaign status, bid strategy target, campaign budget, conversion tracking, policy review and both billing and account status.

To find these insights, users need to go to the page for ‘Insights and Overview’ for Performance Max campaigns, meaning advertisers can troubleshoot any issues that crop up as soon as Google detects them. These diagnostic insights will mean advertisers won’t have to play guessing games as to what the issues with their ad campaigns are, and should make the process of solving ad issues much easier.

The insights were initially announced in May of this year, with Google stating they would be released soon. Now, they’re officially being launched, though they are currently still in beta testing – so not all advertisers will have access just yet.

According to Search Engine Journal, each type of insight will be released gradually to people who are randomly selected – meaning some advertisers may get access to some insights, and others may be able to view completely different insights.

At present, the new diagnostic insights are only available for Performance Max ad campaigns, though Google has stated it will be expanding them to other types of campaign in the coming months.

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