Google+ posts added to search results

Google+ posts added to search results

Google has come under fire in many quarters today, as it became clear that Google Plus content is to appear in its search results.

The new feature, titled “Search Plus Your World”, sees public conversations, photos, posts and profiles being listed in their search results. In addition, any content shared privately with the person searching will be incorporated into the SERPs.

It is clearly another salvo aimed at social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, and clearly states the importance the toll has for the future plans of the Californian giants.

For those working in SEO, it is an important move; as it highlights a clear path that needs to be concentrated on. For those exploiting it well, it could well reap significant rewards, with content being represented far higher than it presently is.

However, it is important to note that the change will only affect those users that are logged into their Google accounts. As such, whilst a significant number of people will notice the change, the majority will not be affected.

What Google will hope of course is that logged in users will spread the word as to how much better their “personalised” search results are to them; and thereby boost the number of users of G+.

Time will tell as to whether it will prove a success.

For some, it will be useful, but others will not want their results being taken up with information from friends and associates; particularly if these rank higher than truly organic results.

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