Google plans to move into London’s East End

Google plans to move into London’s East End

Google has announced plans to create a “technology community centre” in the East End of London, as part of a multimillion pound strategy by the government to create a The City in the heart of the capital. Google have said that the new space will be used to provide workshops for new businesses in London.

Previously, Twitter made an announcement that it would be locating in Dublin rather than London, which was a setback for the government’s plans for the city. With £400 million of funding and technology companies as support, David Cameron announced plans in 2010 to create a centre to encourage and support high technology start ups. Following the announcement from Google, the chancellor George Osborne said:

“It shows that we can create the right environment to attract start-ups and established high technology businesses, supporting our programme to create new jobs, diversify the economy and create long term economic growth. This shows that Britain is open for high tech business.”

According to the engineering director of Google UK, David Singleton the priority right now is to locate the right building. Singleton stated that as details are known of the companies and organisations who will be working with Google, they will make announcements. Singleton also pointed out that a large number of start-ups are already situated in the East End of London, with the potential for creating jobs and economic growth over the coming years.

The presence of Google in the UK will help businesses from London to Liverpool, increasing start-ups. Google also plays an important role in a company’s SEO strategy, which can be a complex task as more businesses seek a strong online presence.

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