Google planning to spread Panda worldwide

Posted on May 30, 2011


A recent live web chat from Google’s Matt Cutts has revealed that the search engine is considering a further international roll out of the Panda Update. The update, which was first tested on Google’s US site in February and then rolled out to all English-language queries at the beginning of April, and which impacted a large number of sites across various countries, may be released for non-English queries within the next couple of months.

Cutts, who talked about various issues in his web chat including the recent JC Penney revival, noted that there were some aspects of the update which were more applicable to English language sites, as the structure of sites in non-English speaking countries is often different to English-based sites. He said, however, that no manual exceptions would be made.

For most businesses, a roll out of Panda across all Google queries will not have any further impact, as very few sites take the multilingual approach. There are some businesses, however, which may feel an extra pinch. The use of multiple languages on a site is a solid SEO tactic, used by site owners in multilingual countries to gain an advantage in both English and non-English versions of Google. US sites featuring both English and Spanish content, and Welsh-focussed sites in the UK, would be wise to prepare for a further onslaught of Panda. For site owners operating only English sites, from Edinburgh to Chester, the change is not likely to require any alteration of search engine optimisation plans.

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