Google Places changes name

Google Places changes name

The world’s number one search company is introducing a new update to its local business listing tool, Google Places, which will see the service rebranded as

Google My Business.

The Californian firm, which keeps search engine optimisation firms hard at work, has combined Google Places with Google+ local, a tool through which businesses that also appear on Google+ are listed. All of this information is now stored in the one service, My Business.

The new facility will add business information to both the tech giant’s search engine and Maps tool, meaning that it will be easier for customers to find a particular business and do so on any device, mobile or not.

The introduction of this update shows that the company knows the importance to businesses – particularly in the retail and office-based industries – of being easily locatable online. As a result, it has created a simpler, more interactive dashboard that will allow businesses to manage their listings in a much more effective way, making for a better experience for all.

All companies that have been using Places or Google+ pages will be informed that their accounts will be automatically upgraded and, when logged in, the Google My Business page will be the default dashboard.

Functions and actions that can be completed using this new tool include updating business information from the one place – including Maps and Google+. There is the facility to add photographs and other images of a business, and it permits users to connect directly with customers and other stakeholders. Further, it allows businesses to view and respond to reviews.

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