Google+ on track to become one of top social networks

Google+ on track to become one of top social networks

According to a survey carried out by Bloomberg/YouGov, Google+ is highly likely to become one of the most popular social networks, coming second to Facebook. The latest social networking site is on target to race ahead of Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace. The survey was served to 1003 adults online and using this information, YouGov predicted that within 12 months, Google+ will be second only to Facebook.

The results of the survey also reveal that almost a third of new Google+ users are planning on spending less time on Facebook in the coming year, which suggests that Facebook popularity could suffer as a result. YouGov also acknowledge that people often behave very differently to the opinions expressed in surveys, which could affect predicted outcomes based on the results.

However, Google+ has made significant progress in it’s short existence, with high levels of engagement among users. The survey revealed that 45 percent of users look at content on Google+ at least once a day, while 46 percent of Google+ users post updates and links at least each week. Only Facebook reported higher figures. The results also show that in the early days of Google+, 31 percent of those joining initially have yet to post or create content, suggesting that a high number did abandon Google+.

With an estimated 25 million users worldwide, YouGov predicts that Google+ will have a greater population than Twitter, Myspace and LinkedIn in the United States. Social networking sites play a huge role in search engine optimisation. The developments in social networking makes a number of SEO jobs much more interesting.

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