Google offers to take photos of your business from the inside

Google offers to take photos of your business from the inside

Google has launched a new picture service, Business Photos from Google. According to experts, the new service will enable improved promotion for companies as they can show the interior of their business. Photos taken will appear on the Google Places website, showing a 360 degree image of your interior. This will be particularly beneficial to people searching for a restaurant or club, as they will get a sneak preview of the inside.

The photos will be taken by professional photographers using Street View technology. The listings for Google Places are the first results to be displayed during a search. The service is currently only available to businesses in a few areas of the United States, but will be expanding availability to other countries including Australia, Japan, France and the United Kingdom.

To help Google decide where to offer their service to in the future, they are asking businesses to post their own photos to their page on Google Places, and submit an application for a professional photograph to the Google Places website.

The photos are only taking photos of business types which are frequently searched for, which will include restaurants, hotels, clubs, shops, salons and gyms. Well known chain stores, medical and legal establishments are not being photographed.

New technology and services are being introduced regularly by Google, which necessitates constant and on-going development of your SEO campaign. Business Photos by Google is just one of the many services and techniques that could be incorporated into your search engine optimisation programme.

  • I am a UK Google Trusted Photographer and this has been in the UK for over 6 months now. Thousands of businesses have already signed up and many more are in the pipeline.
    Fairly soon customers will be wondering what is wrong with your business if you don’t want to display it in a Google virtual tour on the web.
    Anyone need a Google virtual tour in the UK contact me through my website.

  • Best ROI for brick and mortar businesses if you ask me..
    It’s hard to not click on a ‘see inside’ photo from Google.
    However, SEO is likely to come in shortly after as one of the marketing methods with highest expected ROI.

  • Hi Markus – how have you been?

    Have you used this feature yourself yet? I like the idea of Google indexing the inside of our offices 🙂

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