Google News revamped with new features

Google News revamped with new features

Yesterday, Google celebrated the 20th anniversary of Google News by introducing a brand new look to the platform.

The new revamp has given the platform a much-needed refresh with a modern design, which introduces a clearer interface making it much easier to find news articles related to any topic you would like.

The new update to the platform includes top stories, local news and personalised articles, which will give users more relevant information based on their preferences.

It seems a valuable alternation to Google News in this landmark year, even if the platform doesn’t officially turn 20 until September 22nd – not the first time Google has seemed a little confused about its own anniversaries!

Local News

In the new update of the platform, you will find the Local News section that will enable you to easily see what is happening in your local community, and to filter this to add multiple locations. This can be really useful as it enables you to see a feed of local news, all in one place.

Expanded fact check

The update also includes more context about news articles so that you can easily see the original claim, along with a fact check from independent organisations to make sure the information is credible and can be trusted.

How can this update help my business?

This new update of the platform can help you to come up with industry news and blog ideas for your website, helping you to build creditability with search engines like Google.

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