Google Mobile Page experience data has been wrong for months

Google Mobile Page experience data has been wrong for months

Google has announced that for the last four months the data shown in the mobile page experience section of Google Search Console has been overcounted, resulting in the data on the platform being incorrect.

According to an announcement by Google, this issue has affected both the performance report and the page experience report in Search Console. Google has confirmed that data has been recorded incorrectly between 29th June and 1st November, meaning that that it has been presenting incorrect figures to users for four months. As yet, Google has not given any information regarding how the error happened, nor the extend to which it overcounted.

Many SEOs have been focusing on Core Web Vitals and User Experience ever since the core algorithm update was released in June, meaning that some sites may not be as optimised for mobile user experience as first thought. Therefore, it is recommended to look at the performance of your site as of 1st November to make sure that your website is doing as well as it can be. If any drops in data have occurred, this will likely be due to the reporting error in the search console performance reports.

Google has warned users of Search Console that if you notice a drop in your statistics within the mobile page experience and performance section, the data error should the reason behind this. The search giant adds that you will also see an annotation for 1st November to tell you more information about the Google error.

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