Google may soon let people search through their trousers

Posted on June 2, 2015


Technology company Google’s research arm has recently been revealing a number of the projects it has been working on at a major industry event, with some of the innovations possibly coming to stores in the near future.

Among the futuristic items revealed at the San Francisco-based I/O developer conference were touch-sensitive clothes, which could be used to control electronic devices, and an adaptable smartphone.

The new technology is being worked on by Google’s Atap (Advanced Technology and Projects) division, which it had gained from Motorola after it bought out the American mobile company.

While Atap has already provided the search firm with a number of high-profile projects, which includes a depth-detected tablet and smartphone, the innovations being displayed at the I/O event could help to change the way people access the internet and its news feeds in the years to come.

First off is Project Jacquard, which is focused on the development of smart fabric. This wearable tech would act like a touchscreen, meaning that someone clothed in the garment would be able to control electronic devices around the home by just drawing their finger across the fabric.

Another piece of tech being exhibited by Google is Project Soli, which is a small radar chip. This can be embedded with household items to create a ‘control zone’. Within this space, the user can then make certain gestures to operate devices, which could eventually facilitate the opening of curtains by the flick of a wrist, or the turning on of a TV by pointing at it.

Lastly, Project Abacus may herald the end of passwords altogether. Instead of using login details, Abacus would verify the user via their distinctive characteristics, such as the way they handle the device and how they type. Google claims that the trials it has run makes this form of protection 10 times more secure than fingerprints.

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