Google makes Odysee purchase to boost social media

Posted on February 12, 2015


The recent acquisition of a photo-backup app by search firm Google has been seen as a way for it to bolster its Google+ service.

Named Odysee, the app that allows users to automatically protect their images and videos from loss, was bought by Google for an undisclosed amount. Prior to its integration into Google+, the software – which was available on Androids and iOS devices – was also removed from online stores.

With it being hoped by the firm that the app will be beneficial to users’ experience of Google+ news feeds, it could also provide a number of offline options for storing photos. For example, the service’s patrons are able to send copies of images to their computer, as well as to online storage options, meaning that they can use Odysee without having to be connected.

This, it is believed by TechCrunch, would help to give Google’s social platform a much more rounded service, while allowing for users to be able to alter images without having to previously upload them.

The purchase of Odysee is also being heralded as a way for Google to enhance its photo-sharing capabilities, especially between private parties. With users able to share images within Google+, it also removes the need for the company to create a standalone picture service, which will help with traffic retention.

While Google has confirmed the purchase, the actual sale was announced on Odysee’s own home page, as well as through an in-app notification. The software will keep running until 23rd February, when users will be given the option of creating a single archive file for downloading.

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