Google local search likes local content

Posted on July 7, 2008


After reading several documents online from a varying degree of SEOs, it was surprising to see than none recommended local content on the site to encourage Google to recognise the site as local to a particular area.

Yes, there were examples of using the name of the location in the title and meta tags, along with on the page, but what about the use of content descriptions of the local area that will help Google to geo-locate the website.

Surely Google will respond to a site that has 20+ pages about a particular city more than a site that simply has an address?  Compare two sites, they are both from Birmingham.  Both have the address of the business on their site.   One site has 18 pages about the city and the other has none.

Which one will Google be able to make a better decision on?

Answers on a postcard…

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