Google lets users add their own Street View content

Posted on December 12, 2013


A new tool for Google Street View will allow users to contribute by sharing their own photos.

With an Android smartphone or DSLR camera, users can take snapshots and connect them to make a 360 degree view.

Writing in a blog post, Google said that the move will expand both the reach and uses of its Maps service.

Further, Google is said to be “excited” to see the various Street View experiences that people are able to contribute.

As an example, the company said that environmental non-profits will now be able to showcase the natural areas they are protecting.

It also means that business owners who are unhappy with how their premises currently look on Google Street View will be able to contribute their own images. As well as maintaining a strong SEO and internet marketing strategy using social media, ensuring a presence on Google Maps – which many people use to locate nearby small businesses – could also be important.

Additionally, the tool is expected to appeal to photographers looking to show the diversity of a location, providing snapshots in different weather conditions or times of the day.

As more and more people have access to smartphones and tablet computers, the importance of digital maps has grown significantly.

Google is one of the foremost players in the sector, and some analysts believe the web giant has plans to expand its presence even further. Earlier this year, the company bought Waze – an Israel-based navigation firm. When it announced the deal, Google confirmed plans to update Maps using Waze’s traffic-monitoring tool.

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