Google launches YouTube Movies in Canada

Google launches YouTube Movies in Canada

Canada will now be able to access YouTube Movies, as recently announced by search engine giant Google. YouTube Movies was launched in Canada just one day after Blockbuster Canada announced the closure of its retail film rental outlets. YouTube Movies was launched in the United States in May this year but excessive demand has led to the movie service becoming available in Canada.

Users of YouTube Movies can download a movie to their desktop computer, laptop, television or other device to watch within 24 to 48 hours. Users also need an account with YouTube, which is free and a credit card. Older movies will cost $3.99 but newer films will cost $4.99.

According to a survey by comScore Inc., Canadians are more likely to spend time watching films online than residents of any other country. This should ensure a lucrative market in online film rentals for Google. Speaking to CTV’s Canada AM, tech analyst Carmi Levy said:

“Essentially, the entire process of watching movies and watching television is shifting from conventional, and businesses that fail to anticipate that transition- and in many respects Blockbuster failed to do just that- are unfortunately being left behind.”

He went on to say that the launch of Google’s YouTube Movies in Canada was not a coincidence. Google continue to make technological advances to stay ahead of competition. As Google are market leaders in a number of areas, it plays an important role in the search engine optimisation of any business.

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